Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Everything

Need I say more.

He loves her and is such a good big brother.

Such a good kisser.

I like to call him TROUBLE

Why can't kids just take a day to relax, you think they'd get tired of destroying everything they come in contact with. As for Tucker it never seems to get old. I guess a hand full at a time just wasn't enough for him he needed to EVERY fish in the box.


Here are a few pictures of my baby girl.

London and my beyond beautiful mother

My wonderful sister took all these pictures for me.

This just happens to be my blessing dress that my oh so talanted aunt Debbie had made for me 25 yrs ago and my baby blanket my mom's aunt Nita had made for me as well and it is also 25 yrs old.

I couldn't ask for anything more I am so blessed.

My brothers and sisters.Me,Rachel,Adam,Nic,kellie,Mylene,Sam,and Vince.

bug n dad

bug n dad
My Daddy and Me